The TBCC Group

The TBCC Group (“TBCC”) is an independent New York City based firm originally focused on the trading of physical commodities in natural resources & mining, agricultural and energy products.  With presences in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines and Italy, TBCC evolved over the years to focus internationally on 3 segments;






Our global relationships enable us to offer direct long term sustainable supply and solutions to our qualified clients and counter parties.  Our relationships with top 25 world banks enable us to offer the security and comfort for all parties involved in a transaction. 

Our Model

The TBCC' Group's strategy & business model is rooted in a similar historical base with companies like Hong Kong’s 200 year old Jardine Matheson, but with a clear present day vision as to how the changing technological demands in our digital global society have altered the economic and political landscape to create unique opportunities. Our strong banking relationships are a key element in establishing the comfort level for both its commodity suppliers and its counterparty buyers.  By involving the banking stage early into the process, TBCC is able to quickly move a transaction into a banking environment that ensures a minimum of contract default problems and dramatically increases the rate of repeat business clientele.